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First lock created by Arduino Robertelli in 1952

The company was founded in 1952 by Arduino Robertelli to meet the growing local need for elevator locks with twin electrical safety mechanisms, that new legislation had made obligatory.

The superior quality of the product was recognised immediately and business expanded rapidly to cover the various regions surrounding the company.

Taking full advantage of the post-war reconstruction boom, the company, Robertelli Arduino, continued to grow steadily, supported by its founder and his wife, Italia. The company moved several times to increasingly larger premises, and a number of new machines were introduced to add an innovative line of pushbutton panels (Modular 1976) to its already consolidated lock production (Perfecta 1960, R.EXPORT 1973).

And pushbutton panels proved to be the company's main springboard into foreign markets, thanks to a major export company that introduced Robertelli Arduino products to Northern Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, South Africa and Australia.

This effective response to the needs of highly developed markets therefore played a fundamental role in RA's technological growth, a growth that was firmly based on the company's history, know-how, commitment and incredible flexibility, demonstrated by its Internal System Quality Assurance, certified by CSQ in 1997.
A typical family business, Robertelli Arduino has witnessed the company baton being passed on to first a second and then a third Robertelli generation in line with normal changes in time, situation and market. To keep abreast of ever-changing technology, Robertelli Arduino invests particularly in internal Research & Development, thanks to which it has succeeded in launching products that are highly innovative in terms of both technology and style.

Evoluzione del prodotto nel tempo

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